Do Pull Ups Work Biceps

As we well know from basic work (and trying to get that six pack), completely isolating a muscle group is a strategy that will likely backfire. You need to pay attention to your core: start the big functional movements, and then focus on your weakest parts. After that, add volume to the areas that need improvement the most, exploit your weaknesses, and your muscles will grow. Here’s how to combine it all for bigger, more defined arms.

Wide Grip Chin-ups

Wide-grip pull-ups will primarily target the teres major, lower traps, rear deltoids, and rear lats. Your arm muscles like the brachioradialis (forearm muscle) and especially the brachialis (under the biceps) will work.

The biceps don’t fail when getting up, does it matter?

After pull-ups, your biceps may still look pretty fresh. So you could be leaving potential profits on the table. You could speed up the growth of your biceps by giving them more work. You can do this by “isolating” the biceps a bit more by replacing the exercises with a simple, simple exercise.

Doing isolation exercises can help you get extra gains.

This is especially true when it is difficult to make the full range of motion of the muscle in a compound exercise, or when the muscle can take a lot of work (Paywall MASS research review). And this is the case with the biceps.

What are the main muscles used in hammer pull-ups?

Neutral grip pull-ups target a specific set of muscles. Depending on your goals and fitness regimen, you may be more interested in one type of muscle gain than another. The main muscle groups used during this exercise are:

This is the large, flat muscle that runs from the middle of your back to your waist. Their primary function is to help you perform movements that involve pulling your arms down or toward your body.

Wide pull-ups

Start training after warming up your body well (I attached one of my videos here: Full body warm-up before training). Add four sets with a wider rep range, between 6 and 10. But I understand that you may not have my level of strength and stamina.

If you can’t do more than 4-5 reps, consider wrapping a rubber band. Be careful and place both feet on the elastic band to keep your body in perfectly balanced alignment.

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