Does Releasing Sperm Affect Muscle Growth

The easiest thing about masturbation is that it feels good. Even before puberty, boys sometimes discover that touching their genitals feels good. People typically masturbate to reach orgasm, which releases the hormone dopamine into our bodies, often referred to as the “feel good” hormone. Therefore, orgasm usually accompanies a feeling of happiness and this can be achieved through both sex and masturbation.

Masturbation is a great way to release sexual tension. The human body has sexual needs and one does not always have a partner to fulfill those needs and in such scenarios masturbation becomes a great way to release the sexual tension that builds up. However, this does not mean that only people without a sexual partner masturbate. Masturbation is also quite common among engaged and married people.

Factors that affect positive testosterone levels:

  1. Well-balanced diet
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Adequate sleep
  4. Levels
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If your testosterone levels are consistently low, talk to your doctor first. You can change your diet, sleep patterns, exercise, and stress levels, and you can incorporate supplements or injections. There are many supplements out there to balance your hormones, but you need a full diagnosis before you can start using one.

Releasing sperm makes you lose weight

This is not true at all. Regular masturbation won’t make you lose weight and if it does, there won’t be any overweight or obese men, right?

That’s not true at all. Masturbation does not cause infertility in men or women. What is true is that frequent ejaculation (or release of semen), such as masturbating several times a day or having a lot of sex, causes the semen to become diluted and watery. This is because it takes about 3 days for your body to produce mature sperm and if you don’t give it the time it needs, all you will ejaculate will be the more watery seminal fluid.

Key Findings

  1. Many men are concerned that sex and masturbation will lower their testosterone levels and therefore make it harder to build and strengthen muscle.
  2. Most research shows that masturbation and sex have almost no impact on your average daily testosterone levels and probably wouldn’t affect your ability to build muscle even if they did.
  3. Read on to find out why sex and masturbation don’t affect your testosterone levels, the other two ways sex and masturbation can affect your gains, and what to do about it.

You’ve probably heard that masturbation can drain your testosterone levels, curb your urge to exercise, and slow down muscle growth.

The link between testosterone, muscle mass and sperm retention

A study conducted with the help of 28 people in 2003 found that not ejaculating for 7 days increased testosterone levels in 145.7%.

And do you know that testosterone is responsible for increasing muscle mass and lean body? Several studies indicate the same.

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