How To Get Long Biceps

Do you want bigger and better looking biceps? Then do dumbbell curls until you vomit. say oh If only it were that simple. According to some self-proclaimed experts, this is sometimes the case! But at M&F, we take a more calculated and scientific approach to training, helping you reach your full potential when it comes to your fitness goals. Near the top of the list of body parts guys want to talk about is the biceps. But goalless curling is as limiting as it gets.

By incorporating these five specific strategies into your regular routine, you’ll benefit from better overall muscle size and quality.

Barbells or dumbbells?

Studies have shown that mechanical tension is the main determinant of muscle size increase. This means that lifting heavier over time will allow you to build bigger, more powerful muscles.

Dumbbells are great for several reasons. They allow you to lift more weight than dumbbells. These movements require less stabilization than dumbbell movements.

Hammerhead Curl

One of the best ways to emphasize bicep head length is to curl with a neutral grip, also called a hammerhead curl. Hammer curls are a great exercise for general arm development because they activate the forearm and bicep muscles.

Some people prefer to do hammer curls instead of standard underhand curls because they put less pressure on the wrists. Hammer curls are traditionally performed with dumbbells, which helps prevent and/or correct any muscular or strength imbalances.

Muscle-tendon relationship or muscle attachment

The biceps, like all other muscles, is made up of muscle bellies and tendons. The muscle belly is the main part of the muscle that increases in size during bodybuilding. The tendon, on the other hand, is the part that connects or attaches the muscle to the bone, thus allowing movement.

The muscle-tendon relationship basically shows that a long biceps is generally determined by a long muscle belly and a short tendon, while a short biceps is assumed to have a short belly and a long tendon. This concept is also called “muscle attachment”, which is often confused with tendon attachment to bone. In the context of muscle length and strength training, the muscle insertion point is essentially where the tendon and muscle fibers attach. A low muscle attachment point means a long bicep, while a high muscle attachment point refers to a short bicep.


Although most bodybuilders want short biceps most of the time, there are pros and cons to both. This parameter does not depend on you but on your genetics. Therefore, you will have to do with what mother nature has given you and progress taking into account the morphology of your biceps.

If you are looking to develop all the muscles of the arms

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