How To Measure A Bicep

Age is one of the biggest influences on the biceps muscles and their relative strength and size. In childhood and adolescence these muscles are still developing and therefore the average size is smaller, whereas in adulthood they will reach their maximum size and then gradually shrink as we age.

It is also important to remember that your gender will affect the measurements of your biceps; On average, women have smaller biceps than men. So let’s look at the average biceps size for both genders based on age.

How to measure your body: Biceps around

With your arm hanging at your side and relaxed, measure around your bicep at its widest point. It’s probably pretty close to your armpit. Make sure the tape measure isn’t too tight. Round to the nearest half inch. Don’t flinch. All right, flex. Do? Well, now take the measure.

The biceps brachii muscle

The biceps brachii muscle is a muscle of the upper limb that has two heads, one short and one long, originating from the coracoid process of the scapula and the supraglenoid tubercle , respectively. Its name is derived from its two heads that are fused into a single distal body and insert into the radial tuberosity and fascia of the forearm via the biceps aponeurosis.

The biceps brachii is a biarticular muscle that acts on both the shoulder and the elbow. The main action of the biceps brachii is elbow flexion and forearm supination, but it also helps with shoulder flexion.

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Arm circumference for a normal sedentary person

For a man who does not practice bodybuilding , age has an influence on the size of the arm. Here we have taken as an example a person with a wrist circumference of 16 cm. Until the age of 20 the subject is in a phase of physical growth, his arm develops in the same way as the rest of his body. Around the age of 20-21, the arm reaches its adult size and the average circumference of the arm is 33.3 cm. From the age of 30, at the end of the year, the biceps increase in volume by endogenous production, bringing the mean brachial circumference to 34.8 cm. From the age of 50, muscle relaxation due to various causes (reduction in collagen levels, reduction in muscle regeneration, reduction in testosterone, etc.) causes a reduction in the circumference of the arm, taking it to 34 cm or even less. .

A complete arm strength program leads to gains in muscle mass. Muscles grow as a result of physical activity and fat mass decreases in favor of lean mass, resulting in well-developed and sculpted muscles. Check the chart below to see if you already have a big arm. This ratio is for a man who does bodybuilding without anabolic steroids or any other doping.

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