Pike Push Up Muscles Worked

The pike pushup with feet elevated is an excellent bodyweight exercise to strengthen the shoulders. If you’re looking to build the strength needed for push-ups, this exercise is perfect for you. The only equipment you will need is an object to elevate your feet. It could be a box, a chair, or any other similar substitute; honestly, anything between a few inches and a foot in height. Put your feet on this object and place your hands on the floor, and push through your hips. Bend your elbows bringing them in towards your body. Return to your starting position. The shoulders should come out in front of the hands so that the elbows are bent in the correct direction. Really try to isolate your triceps and shoulders by keeping your forearms parallel during the press.

There are different ways to make this more difficult so that you can progress to the hand press:

Tech Specs

– It is important to note that the Pike Push up is very demanding on the shoulders, so it’s important to watch proper volume during workouts and past shoulder injuries. It is always better to pay attention to good form and controlled repetitions than to bad form.

– We recommend looking down when doing pushups, as this will be the same technique you use for handstand pushups.

Tips, Tricks, and the Bonus Challenge:

Whether you’ve mastered the Pike Push-up or need to build strength to perform the exercise effectively, there are modifications and tips you can use adapt. Let’s start with a few reminders to ensure good form.

  • Remember to keep your arms at a 45 degree angle to your body. This means you don’t widen them out and hold them tight against you. Find the sweet spot right in the middle.
  • Breathe. Remember to keep it smooth.
  • Warm up before starting. Get the blood flowing by starting with simple shoulder rolls or arm and wrist stretches.
  • Activate the glutes and contract the core. Sometimes we can start to feel the tension in the lower and upper back, so make sure you are committed to staying strong.

Pike Push Up Regression – Decreases difficulty

Start on your knees instead of on your toes, with your arms straight and your palms flat on the floor in front of you. As before, bend your elbows and perform the movement as a forward bend (rather than a regular knee bend) so that the crown of your head is lowered toward the floor in front of your hands.

Similar to starting on your knees, instead of having your legs straight, bending your knees slightly will take the weight off your body to help make the movement a bit easier.

Weight gain

Like pregnancy, weight gain or increased body weight creates stress in our body that can irritate different structures over time.

Carrying more weight than our body is comfortable with puts it in a position where it is constantly overloaded and, just like repetitive movements, this constant overload will cause different structures of our body to experience more shock to the which is designed.

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