What Muscles Do Boxing Work

Although we strongly recommend that our fighters learn the ropes of a punch from an anatomical and biomechanical perspective; It is also true that a fighter’s punching power has to do with technique.

This means you can’t rely on theory alone, so being smart isn’t enough.

What muscles are used when hitting a punching bag?

Hitting a punching bag is a full body exercise. Especially if you have great hitting mechanics, you can make full use of your legs with every punch thrown. The main muscles will be the arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and even the legs.

Your legs will be the source of all your power, since the most experienced boxers are the ones who contribute the most with their legs when it comes to throwing punches. In fact, 76% of the effort in a punch is represented by the trunk and legs.

Back (Back Core and Recovery)

The back also functions as a core muscle of the body holding the body together and combining the power generated by all extremities. Another little known (BUT VERY IMPORTANT) fact is that your back helps a lot with recovery, ie how quickly you can withdraw your hand after a punch.

Many wrestlers are too busy building the upper body through push-ups and heavy bag punches, but very few of them focus on strengthening the posterior part of the body, such as the back, shoulders and upper body. back. I am going to explain something very important to you, when you spend all your time hitting the heavy bag, you may not realize that the heavy bag is hitting you back on the recovery. If you don’t train your back and shoulder muscles, your recovery muscles will be weaker. The moment you start missing punches in a real fight your arms get tired very quickly as your gloves become very heavy and you have to take punches back with your own muscles instead of rebounding them off of you.

Boxing works the muscles in your arms

Your arms have two main muscles, the biceps and triceps. Your biceps run the length of your upper arm and are the muscles you see when you square your shoulders, bend your elbow, and clench your fist in the mirror.

In boxing, the biceps are used to throw hooks or jabs, they bring force from your upper arm to your fists, and help you quickly retract your arm after throwing a punch.

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